Meet Kalli B.

HEY! My name is Kalli Baker, and Photography is something I've loved as long as I can remember! I love being able to take grab a picture you haven't seen in years, and go back to that exact moment. I love capturing the raw and candid emotion that becomes timeless. I love the vibrant colors that paint the screen. And I really love meeting each of you and creating lifelong friendships! I absolutely love my job and love that you've found me so hopefully I can make you fall in love with pictures too!

Want to know a little more? Here are some of my top 3 favorite things!

Books: Eat, Pray, Love (E.G.) Unf**k yourself (G.J.B.), Adventures For Your Soul (S.K.)

Movies: The Blindside, Crazy Stupid Love,

21 Jump Street

TV Shows: The Office, Brooklyn 99, 90 day fiancé

Hobbies: Rock climbing, embroidery, yoga

Things I'm proud of: Being a mom, my marriage, creating a successful business from scratch

Food: COOKIES, anything at a BBQ, power bowls

Places to visit: National Parks, any beach to ever exist, literally anywhere I haven't been yet or in awhile

Bucket List Items: Skydiving, international backpacking trip, international humanitarian trip

Now let's get to know you, and get you some gorgeous pictures you'll be able to treasure the rest of your life!

Meet the Baker's

BEST. FAMILY. EVER. I really really lucked out. We are absolutely obsessed with each other, especially our little tornado toddler! We just welcomed baby boy #2 in July 2022 and so excited for all the adventures we're going to have together! I come from a small southern Utah town and he comes from the big windy city in Illinois! We love laughing at our own jokes, having any excuse to be out in nature, and eating food from the Traeger. Our favorite holiday is the 4th of July and our least is Christmas (sorry, someone had to say it.) I'm a lover of traveling ANYWHERE and all the time, and my husband is a homebody through and through. Our little guy is the reason behind everything we do and we wouldn't have it any other way. I'm in love with my family and so grateful I get to enjoy life with them! Without them, Kalli B. Photography wouldn't exist, and I wouldn't be able to meet so many more wonderful people. Thanks for peeking into our lives and letting me peek into yours. Nice, adventurous, + loving humans, need other nice, adventurous, + loving humans and that's exactly what I'm here for!

My blog

"If we want our pictures + stories to really mean something, to serve a real purpose, then we have to give them better attention, more often."

-Marie Masse

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