Taylor + Reuben - Dixie Rock

Do you remember your first couples session where you didn't know the couple prior? How nervous were you? I was pretty terrified. I made sure I got there 30 minutes prior and scoped out all the places I wanted to shoot. I had been to Dixie Rock several times before this, but never to take pictures and I found so many unexplored places! I had studied my Pinterest for hours trying to memorize all the things I was going to say, how I was going to direct them, how I was going to make them feel comfortable, etc; to get that PERFECT pose! I think I referred back to my phone about 20 times throughout the session, they were so patient and kind about it. Leaving the session, I felt like we got some great pictures and I met 2 awesome human beings. Overall a 10/10 experience!

I refer less and less to the notes on my phone each session. The best part about prompts rather than poses is that each person and relationship is different! So if you tell the boyfriend to run up and hug the girlfriend he may do it 5 different ways, and her reaction will vary each time too. It makes for a more fun and memorable experience and the pictures always turn out so cute! So here are some of my go-to prompts!

  1. Hip bump as you're walking toward the camera-look down, look at each other, look at me, end with a kiss!
  2. Give your partner the bumpiest piggy-back ride ever! This one brings out the cutest smiles and they have so much fun!
  3. Guy stands behind the girl and does airplane arms then wraps them into a hug. I've seen a lot of variations with this one!
  4. Hug from behind and sway side-to-side
  5. Sit next to/cuddle each other and try to bump the other one over
  6. Have the guy run up and surprise hug the girl from behind, pick her up, and swing her back & forth - also one of my favorites for smiles! Be aware of if the couple is unable to do this before asking. The last thing you want to do is make them feel embarrassed about that!

Couples are SO much fun!! I hope these prompts help you out in your next shoot.