Little Sahara - Kalvin + Krista

I had been wanting to shoot at Little Sahara for awhile! It is a beautiful sand dune area out near Nephi, UT. I found a good friend who was willing to dress-up and get some more bridals and on Sunday October 25th we headed out there. The drive alone is about 1.5 hours from my house, which is LONG but worth it for the view! I ended up being out there alone for 2 hours before they got there and I didn't have cell service! I would not recommend, I was terrified. Instead of being out at the dunes alone without cell service, I drove back to the service station and read a book I had while I waited. If you ever find yourself alone without cell service and know you are going to have to wait, get back to where you have service and wait there! It's 100% worth staying safe.

We were only able to shoot for about 45 minutes because it was SO cold!! During that 45 minutes we had to warm up in the car twice, so in reality we only shot for about 20-30 minutes. We were speed shooting and thank goodness we were able to get some good pictures, but looking back I definitely would have brought more blankets to keep them warm in between shots!

After we were done shooting we headed back home in our separate cars and I got LOST. My google maps took me down a gravel road and I have a Honda Civic so that thing cannot handle dirt roads. I called my husband panicking and he told me to turn around when I was almost to the end of it. I ended up taking about 2 more wrong turns and just lost it bawling on the phone. I had really spotty service, I was alone, I was hungry, I was tired, and it was getting dark. Turns out I was on the right road the first time, the gravel road was going to end about 5 minutes later had I just stayed on it. I made my husband stay on the phone with me because now I had another 40 minutes added to my 1.5 hour drive back home. I was so exhausted and frustrated, I had him pack up our baby and ride over with my father-in-law to meet me about 20 minutes away from the house to finish the rest of the drive. My day started around 12pm and ended at 9pm all for 30 minutes of shooting. BUT those pictures have helped me book so many more people! So do I regret any of it? Maybe not staying on that gravel road lol but other than that, it was worth it.

Lessons learned: Make sure you have food, water, and blankets as emergency items in your car when you are traveling to a place you've never been and doesn't have great service. Tell everyone where you are going and make sure they know (if you have service) when you get there and how long you plan on being there. If you don't have service once you arrive, drive back and wait at a place you do! Stay in the car with the doors locked and find other ways to keep you busy-bring a good book. Bring someone along if you can because it is really scary going to those locations alone. Have fun once you get there regardless of the circumstances, you made the drive and put in the effort, make sure it's worth it!!